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Welcome to Lessons in Love, an ongoing adult dating sim about a class of ten students trying to make their way through life. Take over as their teacher and build relationships with each of them as you attempt to find your own place in their world. 

Please note, some things in this game may be meant to confuse or disturb you. Please don't worry, though. Everything will be okay ~

Lessons in Love is a slice-of-life comedy  with hints of dramatic and psychological elements. The story is set up in four parts:

  • Main events
  • Side Events
  • Dorm Events
  • Lust Events

Manage your time after school and on weekends to best suit the path you want to take! Whether it be visiting the girls at their part time jobs, trying to convince them to let you into their dorm rooms, or just hanging out in the room with clocks at the local bar, there is always something to do in Kumon-mi!  

* This game contains scenes and images that are not suitable for anyone under the age of 18. If you are under this age, please exit this page immediately.

** All character models and scenes in this game were created in Koikatsu by Illusion. Please support them!

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When release the next update? There is schedule? 

How to go from the old version to the latest version without losing the save ?

How i can do the (rewrite event)

God, i want to see Molly and Tsuneyo make out


Can i ask 

Im on day 421

 There still lots of event but i cant triggered 

Can some1help

1. Wiki can help you

2. Some events require a lust level

3. Find Happy scenes.

4. Raise Affection with all.

5. I can give you some more help, until it is not a spoiler. I'm compete 1.12.0 Part 1 (i'm missed 3 events... Let's not talk about it)

6. Maybe I'm not very good at English.

7. Now i'm talking about myself


Quick question, im at day 304 but i can't trigger rewrite event, i've seen the guide and it said i need to trigger happy scenes II but i've already done that, the thing is that it's not registered as done. What should i do? Thank you in advance!

I'm just really confused in the event "There is Nothing" and what to writer in the laptop. I tried almost everything that came into my mind. Can I please get answer or a hint at least. 

I am just like you. I can't move forward

Hii developer,

I want to ask if it possible to compress game for Android. Because the size for Android is too large.


I-I don't even know what I'm seeing anymore...


This is a very good game, probably the first ever horror game ive ever played because i dont usually go well with horror, it has a really strong pull on you, maybe its the anime tiddies idk. It kind of reminds me of spec ops the line, where it makes you question your moral as the player except this one is way more intense. its really fun tho dispite being kinda borning grinding the affection through the same dialogue everytime. 9/10 thanks for giving me nightmares and boners at the same time

i need help with nothing is there specifically the 4th question

can someone help me with There is Nothing event.  Ive rewatched all the happy scenes and wrote down every number i saw, Ive reheard the same message thing for hours and nothing Ive been doing is working.  I really like this game and I don't want to stop just because Im too stupid to figure out a puzzle so can someone help.  At least a hint to point me in the right direction would be fine, I just want to continue and finish the rest of the stuff so I can be ready for the next update.

(2 edits) (+2)

First is terminal - it's too easy. But if not for you, find it in scene Trinity |||

Second is IP - remember a picture of wires?

Third is port - Listen to her voice

Four is nickname - Users... BUT bonus if you write... Hmm... No find it in happy scene. The answer you seek is __

Fifth is password - Credit card

I HOPE hope I've translated well.


Thanks I got it.  I just really needed help cause I guess I dont retain information well and couldn't remember what I needed for it.  

Maya has been jerk me and then im wake up in world and no one is there. Im so confused. Can someone tell me how to pass it?

If u are where I think u are, u need to pray to God 5 times.

How I can find molly??

Complete main events. After a certain point she will be moved into your class.

what is Kadrillionbilliontrillion.can some one help 

its the last event for updates older than 0.10.0 part 1


Dude click the guide button. It's built into the game

Hello everyone. I'm really loving this game, I'm having so much fun while playing it.

Btw, does anybody know what's the name of the song from the main menu? Hahaha I can't stop hearing it, I kinda started to love it. 

Anyway, thank you so much for creating this game, I'm really enjoying it <3

Music credits are in the "About" section on the main menu. Glad you're liking the game!

Thank you so much!!!

what is  Kadrillionbilliontrillion

how do u unlock miku thighs on demand


how do i go to the koi cafe at night?

It opens up when Molly comes in the class

is there a way to not hurt rin 

experiment. I don't want to spoil but yes, there is a way.

thank u hat is all  i want to know 

If u end up hurting her, there is a cheat code which will nullify that. If u ever need it, just ask. I check here regularly...

keep the promise that you made to her previously.

How do I get through the There is Nothing scene? I feel like I have the right IP, and yet it's not working.


You were given other numbers as well. The IP is only one of them.
There are five questions in total.

Yeah, figured out what numbers went to what. Thanks!

can you give me a hint as to wtf im supposed to do.  Ive rewatched all the happy scenes and wrote every number I saw, I reheard the same message for an hour, and Ive searched the room several times for a hint and nothing.  I just want to know a hint that can push me in the right direction.  I really like this game and dont want to stop just because Im too stupid to figure out a puzzle

Which part of the puzzle are you missing? It has 5 parts in total.

i need help with the 4th one

How to increase the "headpats" Status?

(1 edit) (+2)

Headpat system is coming on 2/1 for Patrons and 2/15 for non-patrons.


it hits me so hard on the halloween event where molly and tsuneyo talking about the point of life, had me thinking about the life of mine. whoever wrote the script really should get an award. 

i am stuck the wold is broken what do i have to do 

Tried downloading the android apk and it almost bricked my phone. I'm guessing that's not supposed to happen?

it wont start can some one help 

nvm it fine ally started

any1 can help with username?

Figured it out yet?

Not yet


this is a neat game that becomes very tedious, progression is very confusing.  I played until 214 days into it and still have a huge amount of events/scenes that I have no idea how to get to, it really feels like I'm just doing the same pointless thing each day with no progress regardless of which option I chose or who I talk to, it really just isn't fun any more which is disappointing since the story was enjoyable.


Theres a wiki for how to trigger events if you get stuck.  An option to get there should be in the games save and load screen.

same i rlly enjoyed it but doing the same things over and over again in hope of unlocking a new event is just time-consuming. even though I know its like that cuz its probably a metaphor for real life, like how we do the same tedious tasks every day. but its not enjoyable in a game of course.

i installed it and could not get it to start

How to get to talk and make events of Making? (Makoto's Mom)

how do I find the terminal number I’ve listened to the numbers said in game by the voice and that doesn’t work 

how can i start the there is nothing event?

also i have all of the girl events but i still cant somehow start it


So, thing is I'm stuck at There is Nothing, I've tried the hint in Stray Cat in every way I could think, but nothing works. Kept going around the room and reading the notes, but nothing comes to mind either, at this point I don't know if I'm missing something obvious or not.

Think back to (or replay) your most recent happy events, with the sound on, and everything you enter is case sensitive. The first time I made my way through this event, I had spent an extra hour on one screen because I had a space in the Username

Im still so confused about everything, im either missing something or im just retarded

Its easy to miss, read through, (and makes note of) The Trinity Happy Scenes, as they are meant to be a good portion of the story, and with so many people skipping them earlier in development, Selebus had made this event to proceed require people to "conquer their fears" and asked none to spoil the way to get through this, I hope I am not giving too much away, but there is also a more detailed hint system on the discord.


I don't understand why anyone would skip them to be honest, they make the game so much more exciting, and I can't see how anyone can enjoy the game without experiencing them. Then again, thanks for the hints, they were very helpful.


Thanks, that definitely did the trick. Thank you very much.

Question Im new to this site so I want to know if I had downloaded a previous update then how do I update it without having to redownload it and do everything over again.  Sorry if this is a stupid question I just dont know.

You basically put it in the same folder as the version you're currently using, and you're good to go. But don't replace it. 

Is there a music playlist anywhere on a wiki or Youtube. I have looked at the credits but it only lists the artists and not the names of the songs.

In the about section I believe...

I noticed that the reactions of girls vary depending on the name ask them that invites you for example sensei. Dad. Big brother. Also has a tip task: do not ask ami that invites you dad never😫😭😭

This Is Straight Up Heat 🔥

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