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As of 0.16.0 Part 2, Lessons in Love in too large to fit into an Android APK. The PC version of the game can still be played on phones using an emulator program like JoiPlay. Installation instructions are available on Discord (Link above).

Welcome to Lessons in Love, an ongoing adult dating sim about a class of 20 students trying to make their way through life. Take over as their teacher and build relationships with each of them as you attempt to find your own place in their world. 

Please note, some things in this game may be meant to confuse or disturb you. Please don't worry, though. Everything will be okay ~

Lessons in Love is a slice-of-life comedy  with hints of dramatic and psychological elements. The story is set up in four parts:

  • Main events
  • Side Events
  • Dorm Events
  • Lust Events

Manage your time after school and on weekends to best suit the path you want to take! Whether it be visiting the girls at their part time jobs, trying to convince them to let you into their dorm rooms, or just hanging out in the room with clocks at the local bar, there is always something to do in Kumon-mi!  

* This game contains scenes and images that are not suitable for anyone under the age of 18. If you are under this age, please exit this page immediately.

** All character models and scenes in this game were created in Koikatsu by Illusion. Please support them!

*** Like this game? Please consider checking out Hero's Harem Guild! 


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Version 3

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Man~~ no more android version ~


I came for nsfw, I stayed by fear

someone please help, can't start makoto event "condoms in the sand" 

-affection 58/ lust 30 

ive seen "Loxonin" and "survive! grow!" 

I call her saturday afternoon and just get repeated library scene 

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Does Lessons in Love (0.17.0) have part 1 and part 2? 

Probably, since the Lastest update didn't have any Happy Scenes.

why is this game making me question life so much like the happy scenes

whenever the game updates how do i make it so i dont lose all my progress

Try copying your save files and placing them on a different folder with a different name. It should stop that from deleting the copied save files  even when you re install the game, then after you update the game just copy or cut the save files and place them in the game's save folder

on windows, the game has two save folders, one in the games folder and another one in the users/username/appdata/roaming folder. So even if you erase the game, your saves should still be there in the appdata folder. If not, something weird is going on.

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For the developers, is it possible to put an Android version in download of the official website? 

They can't cuz the file is too big for Android, I dont really get it though but I'm guessing there is a size limit for android apk

Animated scene?

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Bruuhhhhh, my phone broke and now I can't play this and what's worse is that in order to fix my phone they have to factory reset it. R. I. P my savefiles T-T, and I just finished chapter 1 too... Also this game is so good, I love the story and the interactions between "sensei" and his students, frankly I kinda prefer the story than the lewd scenes but it's all good. God I love this game

i'm only 3 minutes in and i'm scared


Is there anyway to avoid chika so that rin can confess to her without any problems, coz it broke my heart to see rin in such a state, I mean I can avoid chika for the whole playthrough but that doesn't do anything, so anyone can tell me if there is any way for me to fully avoid chika as to I want to focus on rin and let her confess without any problems, I don't know if the scene is meant to be that way or not so yeah

Rin will cry and you will comfort her. that's the best outcome you can do rn

I have done that part I mean I have played that event already, but in the cheats there is something related to rin about not betraying her, I think it was goodhomie, tonight I will do the beach event again because i do want to try another outcome in which she doesn't cry or at least try to find one :)

There isn't any route to avoid Rin's crying, Chika won't accept her no matter what.

The only difference you can make to this scene, the route you can access with the goodhomie cheat if you didn't get it normally, is based purely on your relationship with Chika. If you didn't advance Chika to the point where you begin to romance her (not sure of the exact point in Chika's chain that marks this, I just held back on all but the necessary advancement events with her), you get that route without the cheat.

Doesn't really seem to make much difference. Rin does make some comments later on if you didn't take this route about you having done what she asked you not to, but I've not noticed it having much effect beyond that. Though I restarted the game several patches ago, so whether it affects the newer Rin events in any major way I can't say.

Yup I told u I am gonna do the event tonight and it went exactly the same way I mean some of the scenes were different it still felt pretty heartbreaking but can't do anything about it now can i??? Btw i just wanna ask there are 2 chapters of this game but what is the difference between them 2??? Like character's are different or anything new or whatever??

The same students but also lots of new students!

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Could you make a link with two separate downloads? My laptop has very little space, so it's a pain to download the game as a whole. Not that I couldn't download the 4GB, but after I download it, I'd then have to extract it, which (more than, usually) doubles the space required. An amount of space my laptop can't take unless I uninstall other games (even then, maybe not, unfortunately). I can delete the .zip/.rar file after the extraction which is good, but obviously not during the extraction, which means I'd need to hold all of that storage at once. Of course, I'd understand if you don't do this. It is a very personal request. Anyway, great game.

on his patreon he posts an update patch for free. its usually only a few hundred megabytes

(2 edits)

I appreciate the thought, but I don't currently have the game. Not because I don't want it, but because I can't extract the download.

Can anyone help me on how to play the new version's of the game, while using an emulator as after v.0.16.0 or so, the file has become too big for me to play on this mobile phone, and I saw people commenting as we can still play the PC version while using joiplay, but I don't know what to do, so anyone can help me to do this step by step plz

New here. Are all Patreon update releases gonna be release later as public release?

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yeah if i remember correctly it's roughly 14 days after patron release. Sometimes it's sooner sometimes it's later


I think the game should have hint for the next event 

Because I'm so dumb to figure it out


on the bottom you can see all the events and their requirements if you click on them

Agreed. Especially the second line. Referring to myself that is, I don't know you.

Hi therẻ

can someone teach me how to update game on joiplay 

I know i'm dumb

not entirely sure but renpy works as such that if you just download and open the next version it should auto upload so try creating a separate one with the updated game 

oh ok thank alot :D


this is definitely the most intriguing porn/horror game i've played i'm actually invested in the overall story

I'm struggling to trigger 'such small hands'. I've done the other Ami quests (missed sleep forever) and her affection is 84, lust 14. Don't know what I'm missing!

Check the wiki. It lists all requirements and location/person to speak to for all events.

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I've met all the requirements and yet it's not triggering when I go to Ami's room. 

Did I break something when I reset Ami's events using the cheat? I'm missing this and the 6th happy event (Turn out the Lights), which I'm also struggling to trigger. 

Am I missing something, or is there a way to force these to trigger?

Double check that you have indeed completed "Walking on air" and "Divergence". if those are completed, it may be a RNG trigger, as I've never had an issue with it in any of my 3 playthroughs. 

It may also be a bug due to having the missed event "Sleep Forever", which I wouldn't know as I tend to use codes to pseudomax affection and lust early on (I hate grinding in VN games). 

Only other recommendation would be to join the discord server and ask there. The Admins tend to check that far more frequently than they do itch. 

Also, im sure there is a way to alter your save to show that you didn't get the missed event "Sleep Forever", but I'm unsure entirely, which the admins could also assist with. 

Sorry for the double comment, but I wanted to split that topic from your remaining happy event.

For the happy event, use the invite button on Saturday or Sunday evening. There should be a unique option that is either a series of symbols or an emoji (I forget which). 

Thanks, I'll check the discord server and ask there

Absolutely astounding game. You want sex? Its here. You want humor? Its here. You want scenes that make you feel horrible, or depressed, or the like? All here. How about a mysterious time-travel-but-not-time-travel because time travel isn't realistic story? Yup. Truly a masterpiece. 

As a final note, I want to mention that most H-games tend to have relatively two dimensional characters (I mean writing wise, not the "Molly Ideal"), but Lessons In Love seems to genuinely grow the characters. There are so many things I want to mention specifically to praise, but to prevent too many spoilers, ill try to keep it vague. 

Every character has a uniqueness to them. But there are a few that stand out. Nodoka, Touka, Yasu, Matoko, and more. They have their tropes but then defy and/or redefine them. Easily a 9/10 (sorry, a confusingly complex event map is a limiter for me). I look forward to the next update. 

heck yea i finally completed chapter one 

That, ladies and gentlemen, this is a masterpiece. 

There's an actual story that gets better and better, confusing as shit at first but then you get bits and pieces of information and then it's even more confusing, the good kind of confusing.

The humor is on point too, which is a huge plus on my list.

The only downside is that all the cliffhangers are gonna kill me before the next release.

I'm giving this game a big fat 10/10 and recommend it to anyone slightly interested in cute girls and existential dread.


Guy actually has the audacity to plug Raid Shadow Legends, completely destroying his world building in one sole fell swoop. Absolutely pathetic, and shows how spineless this developer is.


You do realize that was a joke, right?


The joke became tiresome after it went on for a few minutes of dialogue


Agreed, so I skipped past most of it. However, I did notice something. Raid plugs usually seem to go on forever, and this nearly double their usual read-time. Additionally, approximately half of what was said was clearly a blatant mocking of the usual plugs. As such, while I personally found it tiresome, I also found it equally humorous, and must give the Devs kudos for it.

Hands down the best Visual Novel game I've played. Can tell a lot of heart has gone into it.

The characters are multi-dimensional and have dynamic personalities to them that makes them feel so much more real than the overdone, boring moulds that the majority of H-game characters fit into.

The writing is excellent and makes me feel invested in every character and scene. At no point have I wanted to skip any dialogue.

The pacing is perfect and the game actually takes the time to build the world and characters up to the point where any sort of adult scene feels special, instead of just throwing sex at you every 10 minutes and discarding characters after you've boned them in every position.

The frequency and consistency of updates is phenomenally impressive and Selebus is super generous to provide every update to the public only 2 weeks after the Patreon releases. I was patiently waiting for the public releases and only occasionally paying for a one-off month just to play the latest builds but now I'm locked in and will stay subbed because the game is worth it and Selebus deserves it.

also nodoka best girl

im stuck at the world is broken do i jus continue to spend the days away or is there some way to get out of the loop

It's a puzzle. Just do what you normally would do in the game.

im not sure but i think i may have broken Harukas events, it says i have one available,  but it shows ive already done Drunk again, Invisible worm, Performance review and watching tv alone. Fixing pipes has been marked out so i guess i missed it, the only one showing is The need to be hurt, but i cant seem to get it to show up. 

Keep missing Ayane's "The World is Bad". Any help? Got over 50 lust

I need help!! with a happy event, in which you have to enter a password on a computer

okey i did it

Ok this is really weird but I think some bot is posting the soundtrack to the game? I was sent a bunch of mp3s of royalty free and edited songs that I looked up. After a few hours I hunted this down, but is this any of you at all? Or I'm completely wrong and the music just happens to correspond to your game. Take care

most of, if not all the music in this game is royalty free, so that's probably why you found it elsewhere.

That's the weird thing, one of the sound files named ifgodwerecalm had a girl text to speech voice name drop this game before going on about how it's nothing but lines that could be mutilated and put into the ground to turn to roots.

How do we find the requirements for the lower scenes in the girls event lists? Like, with Ami as an example, from "Living" to "heaven for human blood". I can't seem to find those events listed anywhere for how to get them. Are they random encounters or something?

Additionally, I've tried to join the discord, but it only shows the "rules" channel. Have the rest been shut down or is it something I'm doing wrong to not be able to join?

Read the rules channel. It tells you why you can't talk yet.

When was the android version removed?

Nevermind read it over, dang it

(2 edits)

I've completed all the other events except for the there is nothing event on chapter one. How am i supposed to progress from this point? In the last happy event i can see, the sound says something about accessing a terminal but it just says access denied.

(3 edits)

Guys can anyone tell me a hint for where I can find the IP address code or something that I need to type in the laptop in the "there is nothing" event? Cuz I think that's the only one that I don't know. I'll try looking for clues in the happy events tomorrow cuz it's rlly creepy to replay those events while at night ._.

Edit: I finally finished chapter 1 yay

(1 edit)

Look for the part that says “Hey write this IP address down because you are going to need it.”

It’s during the part that calls people out for not paying attention. 

Oh thx for the hint

do note that the IP adress is not the only piece of info needed to enter in that event :) 

Yeah I think I know all the things needed except the IP address, I can't find it cuz I tend to forget things easily so I can't remember if I've actually seen it or no


Love Yasu and Maya, it is just so much fun trying to understand and decrypt the meaning behind their words but I got to admit Yasu is nigh incomprehensible for me atleast. 

(1 edit) (-1)

I have completed all events and have more than 220 days but i can't trigger the There is nothing event. Is the game bugged? Is there a solution? I am at ver 0.16.0 part 2

Have you checked your happy events? On the progress screen, does it say any events are available?




Really? Because there should be one happy event you haven't completed yet since it's literally impossible before There Is Nothing. Now, go back into your game, check properly, and try not to get attitude with next person trying to help you.

Ok sorry didn't thought that i had to be so detailed. All events available up to this point. If you need screenshots please tell me.

You have not completed all of the events if it won't trigger because the trigger for There is Nothing is completing ALL EVENTS.

I got it. I just reloaded the game a few times and it happened. I don't know why but at least i got it

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All and all this is a great game. You are dooing a very good job . Hope to see more great content and a new game

Also the Maya/Noriko stuff is amazing. By far the most intriguing part of the game.

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