NEW RELEASE: 0.25.0 Part 2 (Subscribers)/0.25.0 Part 1 (Public)

Lessons in Love 0.25.0 Part 2 is now available to all $5 subscribers!

This update expands the character stories for Yasu, Nodoka, Makoto, Maki , and Haruka.

Changelog is as follows:
- 60k+ Words
- 500+ Images
- 20 New Events
- 5 Yasu Events
- 5 Nodoka Events
- 4 Makoto Events
- 3 Maki Events
- 3 Haruka Events
- New Main Menu
- Fixes/Changes For Older Content



Lessons in Love (0.28.0) 7 GB
Version 2 Sep 01, 2022
Lessons in Love (0.28.0) Mac 7 GB
Version 2 Sep 01, 2022

Get Lessons in Love (18+)[NSFW]


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come for the girls, stay for the story 10/10

hello there.... i just downloaded the game and is a truly masterpiece and great.. though that i mean i downloaded it from about a week and just right now i have entered the chapter2. i have some questions if you can answer please... 

1_ I'm playing the game in Android using joiplay. will be there an apk file for the game?? if not please continue making is run in joiplay because for som reasons not all the pc abb run in joiplay (not supported or something...) 

2_ the lust gallery for the girls is just replaying the even which isn't animated right?? or is it just me?? i know there is an animation lewd scene. but for the gallery isn't animated right?? 

3_there is a girl (noriko) how seems in her information that there is no lust (N/A) but there is a two blue event to her which will be the invite event right?? soo we can rise the eff. and the lust or just eff.?? because it appears a N/A!! 

4_there is many main and side girls. are all of them will be there a lewd scenes?? (except the little girls) 

5_ please tell me you won't also currapted the two little girls or any new little one. that's.... please don't. 

6_ this game is monthly updates or what?? 

7_ the X happy event with me is in red... i tried to write =)  or (= or =( or )= but neither of them seems to work. and in wiki tell me to write =) name. or what??? 

8_ what it mean updates with part1 and part2?? like the 0.24 part1 and 0.24 part2, what's the difference?? 

9_ how are you this great making a great game?? 

sorry for the long comment and thank in advance!! 


On God bro I'm getting tired of translating all this hexadecimal code lmao.


Look at you, sir. Vomiting hearts and blood everywhere. Everything hurts.


truely dis is a Masterpiece !!  , 

feeling so munch Emotion in dis game 

I am at a loss for words how good it is . o-o


Good work! Can't wait to play the new update.

(1 edit) (+1)(-2)

Already!? See this is why it's the longest VN ever! New content flowing out like crazy! You must have a really well streamlined schedule/system because the amount of content you put out is at the rates you do are amazing. I'm no where near even touching this update, and by the looks of it, it'll be at 0.30.0 when I am, which I love. Something to always look forward to. Also what's the best way to report bugs and such? I don't want to assume that it's fine to put it in this thread if you'd prefer it somewhere else.


Yeaaaaaah I work hard, Imao. Best place to report bugs is on the Discord. There’s a channel reserved for it.

Whats the difference between Part 1 and Part 2? I played a verson 0.12 part 2 and so far (besides the obvious events that have changed) many things are the same. Am i just stupid or am i completely missing something


Read the changelog 

Ah yep I just missed it my bad.