Lessons in...Microtransactions?!

If you follow the game on Discord or SubscribeStar, you likely know by now about the Lessons in Love "Care Packages"

These Care Packages are additional bonus content packs that release for all $5 subscribers of the game at no additional charge every single month.

They bring new animations, picture messages, scene commentary, design sheets, and a bunch of other stuff into Lessons in Love and, up until now, they were only available to subscribers.

That is no longer the case!

With the addition of the new Lessons in Love VAULT, ANYONE can obtain retired care packages for just $2.25 each as soon as they move out of subscriber rotation (Every two months)!

So for any non-subscriber who wants additional content (both inside the game and out), please consider visiting The Vault! 

Your support greatly helps and I appreciate each and every one of you.

Thanks so much!

Get Lessons in Love (18+)[NSFW]


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for those Letter.PDFs Passwords are needed but are not included anywhere, or did I missed something?

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Just for those looking for it: Next Update will likely be 15th of March for Patreon/31st of March for the rest (it's in Selebus' discord).


i cant download it, it fails halfway thru saying forbidden. anyone know how to get the full file?


If you plan on adding lore related stuff to these "care packages", make sure to give a heads up in advance. A lot of people will drop the game as soon as they hear about it, yes, and that's the idea. Just asking for your honesty.