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This is the story of a girl who loves whales and a boy who eats too much candy.

"What will happen to us in the summer?" 

A simple question from a simple girl -- but one that Yuu is unable to answer. 

Cursed with a severe case of psychosis at birth, Yuu sees and hears things that no one else can.  

These delusions, which come in waves brought on by the weight of God and past traumas, turn his daily life into an endless struggle toward normalcy. 

The game takes place over a two-week period at the end of high school. 

Please live a beautiful life.
God is watching.


*Any donation made will go toward funding the full game and getting it listed on Steam! (But don't worry, the game will always remain free-to-play)*


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Sel plz make a android version of this hehe

Any update on this game?

Unfortunately not, but I'm still not pulling the plug. Just have to focus on my other game right now since that's my source of income.


do you have a separate patreon for this game? because i know LiL is your main, but i love your storytelling and id love to support this too!

Agreed, I was actually sad to land here and find out it's done 😥


so I actually asked selebus and while it doesn't have any updates rn, the best way to get this project going is to become a patron of lessons in love. Any extra he makes goes into other projects like this one.

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Devz i have a request can you make a android version of this?

By the way i am from the lesson in love game so i realy love you work even it is soo traumatizing 

I recently Just got into Visual Novel Games and i'm really enjoying those and a recent one i played 

And the only one i played on my laptop is Doki Doki Literature Club.

And I'm looking Forward to Playing this And Also waiting For its Full release!

I really liked the demo, I can't wait for the full game ! I was wondering if you have any experience with those disaibilities or if you interviewed people about it ? 


Great question! (And I'm glad you enjoyed the demo!)

Yuu is actually heavily based off of myself. I'm not sure if I did this intentionally or not, it just sort of happened as I wrote the game. And a lot of the people who know me in real life picked that up right away, hahaha.

Now, it's important to note that Yuu is definitely an exaggerated version for the purpose of entertainment, but I still feel like he heavily embodies what [I believe] it means to be clinically/chronically depressed and thanatophobic, among other unnamed illnesses. The 'nightmare' scenes (Which there will be more of) are things I only write when I can feel myself "slipping."

Each character in Nothing is Beautiful contains a different piece of me, so it's great to see all of them being received so well.

Thanks again for commenting and I hope you enjoy the final version when it comes out!

I see, thank you for your answer ! I do not have myself that disability, but I am autistic and advocate for disability rights and neurodivergeance acceptance so even though I do not know exactly what it is to have psychosis and thought that Nothing Is Beautiful so far treats it with respect, I wanted to be sure if you had knowledge about it ! You say sometime you are "slipping", I hope making this game is helping you and that I'll get to see more of your work in the future ! I think that it was really well written. These days I have terrible concentation issue and the fact I was able to read all of the demo in one sitting and really enjoyed it means a  lot to me ! Thank you for this game ^^


i love this demo i can't wait till the whole game is made 


Thank you so much! I’m really glad you enjoyed it. I’ll be posting updates periodically so keep an eye out! I’ll make sure the full game is even better than the demo!

it is okay i can't wait :) ^^