0.9.0 Part 1 Public Release/0.9.0 Part 2 Patreon Release!

Announcement Part 1: Lessons in Love 0.9.0 Part 2 is now available to all $5+ patrons of the game! It contains 15 new events in total as well as several new systems. The full changelog is as follows:

- 40k Words
- 400+ New Images
- 15 New Events
- 4 Futaba Events
- 2 Makoto Events
- 2 Chika Events
- 2 Sara Events
- 2 Kirin Events
- 2 Karin Events
- 1 Secret Event
- 1 New Character
- 6 New Animations (Ayane/Ami/Kirin/Makoto/Chika/Sara)
- Invite Over System (Chika/Makoto/Sara)
- Changeable Outfits for Invite Animations
- Computer Terminal for Use on Weekends
- 11 New Generic/Repeatable Events
- New Music
- Changes/Fixes for Older Content

Friendly reminder that Patreon members will always be a full update ahead of the public, so now is the best possible time to join the class!

Link to 0.9.0 Part 2 - HERE

Announcement Part 2: Only want to play the public release? That's fine too! Lessons in Love 0.9.0 Part 1 is now available to EVERYONE and is also packed with a load of new content! The full changelog for that update is as follows:

- 37K+ Words
- 400+ New Images
- 17 New Events
- 4 Maya Events
- 4 Yumi Events
- 4 Rin Events
- 4 Sana Events
- 1 Secret Event
- 3 New Characters
- New Music
- New Backgrounds/Locations
- 0 H-Scenes (Don't kill me)

Downloads for each platform can be found on the game page!

Thanks as always for playing and please consider supporting the game if you like it! https://patreon.com/lessonsinlove


Lessons in Love (0.9.0 Part 1) 2 GB
Oct 13, 2020
Lessons in Love (0.9.0 Part 1) Mac 1 GB
Oct 13, 2020
Lessons in Love (0.9.0 Part 1) Android 2 GB
Oct 13, 2020

Get Lessons in Love (18+)[NSFW]


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How to trigger the last events of Miku and Maki(Makoto's Mom)? And how to trigger the "Bluejay" Event of Makoto?

Deleted 11 days ago

I wanna know too  except i just need 3 more but i wanna know bc sana has affection lvl 96 and i cant get the rest 

why is the soundtrack so amazing?

Hahaha the dont kill me comment is hilarious hahahahaha dont worry the story is really good so no one who plays for free will probably kill you for not having new h-scenes.


It is impossible for me to actually install the game. It says something about "a problem while analyzing the package" and I've tried both the link on itch.io and the MEGA folder with the files. None of them work.