0.13.0 Part 1 Patreon Release/0.12.0 Part 2 Public Release!

Lessons in Love Version 0.13.0 Part 1 is now available to all $5+ Patrons!

This update is focused on adding more characters to the Invite Over system as well as the implementation of the Headpat system.

Changelog is as follows:

- 30k Words

- 10 New Events

- 500+ New Images

- 2 Ami Invite Over Events

- 2 Ayane Invite Over Events

- 2 Futaba Invite Over Events

- 2 Kirin Invite Over Events

- 2 Haruka Invite Over Events

- 5 New Animated Scenes (54 Variations Counting Outfits)

- 5 New Generic Scenes

- 8 New Character Profile Outfits (Pajamas)

- 6 Ami Outfits for Invite Over

- 6 Ayane Outfits for Invite Over

- 6 Futaba Outfits for Invite Over

- 5 Haruka Outfits for Invite Over

- 5 Kirin Outfits for Invite Over

- Headpat System for Ami, Ayane, Chika, Futaba, Haruka, Kirin, Makoto, and Sara

- Fixes/Changes For Older Content

HEADPAT SYSTEM: Headpats are accessible through each girl's Invite Over hub. Dialogue and reactions change depending on how many pats you give one of them in one setting. Patting them enough times might trigger a...special reaction and unlock a new character profile outfit for them. Headpat counter resets each time you choose to pat a girl but the overall counter will stay in their profile.

KNOWN ISSUES: - Ayane's replay screen is currently bugged and will not open. The issue will be fixed for the next update. All of her events are still replayable through her event page. - Makoto will crash the game if you stop headpatting her. You must pat her head 500 times. There is no turning back.


0.12.0 Part 2 is now available to EVERYONE!

This update is focused entirely on the long-awaited Dorm 7 and its inhabitants, Io Ichimonji and Uta Ushibori! You must be caught up with the main events in the game in order to unlock them. Their room will become available after finishing their main event chain.

Changelog is as follows:

- 16 New Events

- 37k+ Words

- 400 New Images

- 6 Main Events

- 5 Uta Events

- 5 Io Events

- 3 New Character Profiles

- New Characters

- New Music

- Maid Cafe (Night)

- Bathhouse (Afternoon)

- 6 New Generic Events

- Many Changes/Fixes for Older Content



Lessons in Love (0.12.0) Part 2 2 GB
Jan 21, 2021
Lessons in Love (0.12.0 Part 2) Android 2 GB
Jan 21, 2021
Lessons in Love (0.12.0 Part 2) Mac 2 GB
Jan 21, 2021

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so now i should download part 2 and part 1 or i can only download part 2?
Because im new in this game too

(1 edit) (+1)

just download the latest version. part 2 has everything in part 1 as well as all other versions. u should be good.