Lessons in Love 0.3.0 is Out Now!

Hey everybody!

The latest version of Lessons in Love is now available to everyone and adds roughly 3 hours of new content! Please check it out when you can and thanks as always for your support. Full changelog is posted below:

- Roughly 40k words
- Roughly 3 Hours of Gameplay
- PNGs converted to WEBP for reduced game size
- Hundreds of New Images
- New Music
- New Sprite Variants
- 3 New Animations (1 Ayane/2 Futaba)*
- 8 New Main Events
- 2 New Rin Events
- 2 New Futaba Events
- 2 New Ayane Events
- 2 New Sana Events
- 4 New Ami Events
- 4 New Maya Events
- 1 Secret Event
- Dorm Room 5
- Additional Rin Design
- Haruka Redesign
- Kaori Kadowaki (New Side Character)
- Added "Lust" Stat*2
- Added "Yearbook" (Patron list) to the main menu
- Fixed bug where players who completed the first secret event in 0.1.0 would not have the event marked as complete
- Minor fixes/changes for older content

* Animations can be viewed as replayable scenes in the dorm after knocking on a girl's door
*2 Lust is gained by playing the replayable dorm animations and will unlock special scenes later on in the main/side stories


Lessons in Love (0.3.0) 712 MB
Apr 29, 2020
Lessons in Love (0.3.0) Mac Version 694 MB
Apr 29, 2020

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