Lessons in Love 0.11.0 ~ OUT NOW on Patreon!

Lessons in Love Version 0.11.0 is now available to all $5 patrons!

This is by far the biggest update the game has had, coming in at over 60k words with a whole slew of UI improvements, new outfits for everyone, loads of new generic events, a whole lot more. I hope you enjoy it as I've worked harder than ever before on it.

Changelog is as follows:

- 60k+ Words
- 600+ New Images
- 3 New Invite Over Animations
- 23 New Events
- 7 Main Events
- 7 Christmas Events
- 2 Lust Events
- 2 Kaori Events
- 2 Haruka Events
- 1 Maki Event
- 1 Chinami Event
- 1 Secret Event
- Loads of New Generic Events
- Winter Outfits for All Characters
- Event Tracker 3.0 (Replaces Old Version)
- 19 Character Profiles
- Scene Replay Mode Removed (Incorporated Into Profiles)
- All Events In The Game Are Now Replayable
- 38 Character Profile Outfits
- Progress Screen Beta (Redesign in Progress)
- New Music
- New Main Menu
- Fixes/Changes for Older Content


Get Lessons in Love (18+)[NSFW]


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2,8gb is way too big for my phone


Not going to lie, usually cute games and me do not click. But this game has drawn out like a addict, lol. It is written with care and put together in a way that leaves nothing but fun choices. Definitely give this a try. Plus the developer is a good one who cares about their work. Great job DJNOSTYLE