0.15.0 Part 2 OUT NOW on Patreon! (1.5-2 Hours of New Content)

Lessons in Love Version 0.15.0 Part 2 now available to all $5 Patrons! CLICK HERE TO PLAY

This update introduces Otoha Okakura and Nodoka Nagasawa as new main characters in the class! There are 16 new events in total.

*An update patch is now available for anyone who does not want to download the entire game again. Instruction for installation are located on the Patreon post.

**A disclaimer regarding the Android build is listed at the bottom of this post.

Changelog is as follows:

- 37k+ Words

- 375+ New Images

- 16 New Events

- 6 Main Events

- 5 Otoha Events

- 5 Nodoka Event

- 2 New Main Characters (Otoha & Nodoka)

- 2 New Character Profiles (Otoha & Nodoka)

- New Location (Park ~ Morning)

- New Location (Library ~ Afternoon)

- 2 New Picture Messages

- 7 New Generic Events

- New Music

- Fixes/Changes for Older Content


Get Lessons in Love (18+)[NSFW]

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