RELEASE: Lessons in Love 0.24.0 (Chapter 1 Remake) Now Public!

The largest update in Lessons in Love history has just gone live and is a near COMPLETE REMAKE of the game's first chapter. Almost every event in Chapter 1 has modified in some way.

This mega-update aims to fix all of the issues with pacing and overall quality that occurred from my clouded vision and lack of skill during the early phases of development.

I worked extremely hard on this and I hope you enjoy it. And, if you do, please consider supporting the game for instant access to all future updates two weeks in advance as well as many other perks!

- A lot of fucking words. I don’t even know how many this time.
- Roughly 170 Completely Reworked Chapter 1 Events
- Roughly 4,000 New Images
- 3 New Ayane Events 
- 3 New Makoto Events 
- 3 New Futaba Events 
- 2 New Ami Events
- Jukebox Mode
- New Phone UI
- Updated “History” Screen
- New Main Menu
- New Textbox
- New Music
- Updated Progress Menu
- Yearbook Removed
- Several New/Changed Animations
- Complete Removal of Several Events & Animations
- Deleted Scene Viewer (Accessible Via Sensei’s PC)
- Ami Outfits for Invites: New School Uniform, Summer Dress, Outrider Amber
- Ayane Outfits for Invites: New School Uniform, Summer Clothes, Lumine
- Futaba Outfits for Invites: New School Uniform, Ganyu
- Kirin Outfits for Invites: New School Uniform, Slutty Schoolgirl
- Chika Outfits for Invites: New School Uniform, Summer Clothes, Dancer
- Makoto Outfits for Invites: New School Uniform, Summer Clothes, Vampire
- Haruka Outfits for Invites: Devil
- Various Bug Fixes/Corrections

Known Issues:
- Given the mass amount of events and the reordering of many others, you may run into scattered continuity errors where characters mention things that do not happen in this version of the game. Most of these have already been removed, but due to the absurd size of the game, some will likely go unnoticed for some time. If you would like to report any of these issues, please do so in the bugs & errors channel on the Discord.


Lessons in Love (0.28.0) 7 GB
Version 8 7 days ago
Lessons in Love (0.28.0) Mac 7 GB
Version 8 7 days ago
Lessons in Love (0.28.0) 7 GB
Version 1 Jul 31, 2022
Lessons in Love (0.28.0) Mac 7 GB
Version 1 Jul 31, 2022

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damn now i feel like starting over to see what you modified, but it took so long to get where I am right now lol

Alguien sabe que paso con el evento de la piel de otra persona trato de hacer pero no aparece el número de miku un bug? O hay que obtenerla de otra manera v':?

How do you progress whats done is done? Wiki says it needs makotos event but thats removed. I have all the others and it won't progress


Will an APK ever return for Android? I know its 6GB at the moment, but games like GTA SA are available and they are big in size.

From what I can find, GTA SA is about ~2.6GB on mobile, less than half of LIL's current size, and about ~1GB before the apk was too large (around version 0.14.0, at ~3.8GB).

ah I see, and there's no way round it? Like suppression or anything?

From what I remember, Selebus has already tried to compress the images by converting them to .webp, but with over 17,000 images in the game, the compression isn't enough to overcome the limit.

Try JoiPlay, it is an android renpy emulator able to run the Windows Version on Android. Notable difference to just a direct Renpy Android version is that Joiplay actually can load large Renpy games, something the android version can't.

Definitely works with LiL windows version, so give it a go.

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encountered another bug dude, miku is not in the contact list 

i can't move to the "wither" event because of that tho 


Sounds to me like you downloaded a pirated copy since that was fixed weeks ago and not in this build.


Who pirates a free game lmao


It is free - but the subscribers get it 2 weeks in advance. Which is exactly what happened here, update was released for subscribers mid July with few bugs.Those were fixed relatively fast and patched out. 

Meanwhile, the bugged day1 version was released on a pirate website but not the patches, hence the complaints. So yeah, he pirated the subscriber copy and didn't get the patches.