Lessons in Love is Officially the Longest Visual Novel Ever Written

So, I just ran my script through a bot and I'm pretty sure that Lessons in Love is now officially the longest visual novel ever written with a total of 1,594,468 words as of 0.25.0 Part 1. 

Someone please correct me if I am wrong

And to think it's still less than 20% done.

That's it. There's no more substance to this message. Just wanted to celebrate and thank you all for sticking with me on this journey.

Anyone who wants to play 0.25.0 Part 1 now can get the game through SubscribeStar.


Get Lessons in Love (18+)[NSFW]


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The longest and the worst (yeah, drown me in dislikes now, lol).


Damn, imagine beating the colossal Rance X Showdown's script length at not more than 20% completion of this game, really looking forward at finishing this game. Hands down the best indie VN ever :>

It's quite a good game my only grievous is the fact that I have to struggle with pronouncing Japanese names and the fact that it’s way too emotional


excuse me so we are not even at 20% of the complete game ???! 👁👄👁

Le sabe


I haven't played since v 0.12, and fuck dude, every time the happy scenes happen i ALWAYS get chills, this game is a fucking masterpiece through and through. I love everything about it, the characters, the dynamic, the theme, the plot, even the fucked up events. just fucking amazing. Please keep doing youre amazing work my main man.

Is there no longer sex scan in android version?

From the start, in carry me home event, actually I can get fuck Sara,but only hug available,why?


The fact that I read that many words is crazy to me. Been here since 0.10.0, wish I could recommend this VN to more people because it's probably my favorite OAT but, yk. It's even more taboo than recommending subarashiki hibi 😭


Celebration! One and a half million words ! :)


Honestly, as much as I enjoy the game, this kinda makes sense with the large amount of long-winded monologues in the VN. I mean I've read Alan Moore's Miracleman and even that is less wordy


I think it's the longest one in English.

I think RanceX is going to be around 1.8ish.

Better hurry it up so you are still ahead when the translation finishes ;)


Wow since you started out this game around 2 years ago, that means this will go around 8 more years. Hats off to you! I was looking forward to see the ending for this game (because of curiosity, not that I thought this game should end) but I guess I need to wait lolol


I'm not kidding, go for the Guiness. I guy I know have a Guiness for the biggest Saint Seiya collection in the World, and my second cousin is constantly going for the fastest Smarties eater. That shit opens doors, figuratively speaking.


And it's worth reading through every single one.

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There are a lot of words for sure but it’s not how many words there are but what the words say in my mind and Lessons in Love is the best written visual novel out there by far. Glad it’s only 20% done because it will be a sad day for me when the story comes to a close.

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Unfortunately, thats not really a claim anyone can verify. The simple fact is a games length isnt based on its word count.

Being someone that has worked it game marketing in the past, I can give you abit of insight.

Basically, if a game is marketed as being 100 hours long, its generally an estimate based on the average of the play testers.

Personally, I've not really had much experience when it comes to visual novels so I cant say to much, but my understanding is that the length is generally based around one of two things. Average based on the play testers or average reading speeds. I dont know however if in either case the average is based on a single route or something like that, but I would assume so given how ridiculous the numbers could get otherwise.

I will say, it does put the game up there among some of the longest books ever written though. Granted, I havent been through alot of the game so I cant say how linear the game is.


I don't think that was the point of the message. How long it takes for this kind of game depends on many things that not even relate to gameplay itself, like reading. 


I was looking around and as far as I can tell this is true. Hats off to you, this must have been (and I imagine will continue to be) a feat to write.