NEW RELEASE: 0.26.0 Part 1 (Subscribers)/0.25.0 Part 2 (Public)

Lessons in Love 0.26.0 Part 1 is now available to all $5 subscribers!

This update expands the character stories for Uta, Io, Futaba, and Karin.

Changelog is as follows:
- 40k+ Words
- 400+ Images
- 13 New Events
- 4 Uta Events
- 4 Io Events
- 3 Futaba Events
- 2 Karin Events
- 1 Animation
- 2 Picture Messages
- New Main Menu
- Fixes/Changes For Older Content



Lessons in Love (0.28.0) 7 GB
Version 3 Sep 15, 2022
Lessons in Love (0.28.0) Mac 7 GB
Version 3 Sep 15, 2022

Get Lessons in Love (18+)[NSFW]


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There's a weird "headers error" that pops up when trying to extract it.

Are there any plans to make this available on mobile? No rush on it, just want to know if it's a possibility

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the 6th event from chapter 2 "The Princess & The Pauper" for chika. there is choice between chika and touka. the trivia doesn't say what it will effect in the future. so will something be different if i choose ether of them? or is it to increase the affection?? 

edit: rather then just this choice. all the other choices. will they make a different anything in the future event?? or the floor event?? 


Is there an auto-update feature?

umm i have been playing lesson in love for a while and I am confused about one thing.
is part 1 and part 2 the same things with some major bug fix or early content
is part 1 and part 2 the same game with different events?
i only have been playing part 2 and never touched part 1 so if someone can answer me it would be great.


Not entirely sure what you are talking about; the game updates usually twice a month, with the SubscribeStar-backer getting the new update a sequence earlier. All updates have new content. 

This time the backers get acces to 0.26.0 part 1 while the free users get 0.25.0 part 2. in two to three weeks, the backers will get 0.26.0 part 2 and the free users 0.26.0 part 1.

I was asking what the difference between part 1 and part 2? 

Do I need to download both part 1 and part 2 to play or can I just stick up to one version?

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You stick to one version. 

The difference is that Selebus releases updates to his game twice a month (aside from rare exceptions). The first update of the month is titled 0.xx.0 Part 1. The second update, with completely new content, is titled 0.xx.0 Part 2.

0.xx.0 Part 2 has ALL the content of 0.xx.0 Part 1 PLUS about 3 hours of extra content.

So if you have access to 0.26.0 Part 1, rest assured that your game has more content than 0.25.0 Part 2 because 0.26.0 is greater than 0.25.0.

Hope I didn't confuse you!

I had to go back to the first announcement where they used the terms Part 1 and Part 2. It sounds to me like it goes like this. "Announcement 1 is that 0.26.0 is now available subscribers, and announcement 2 is that 0.25.0 is available to the public." So if you want to stick with the freely available version you will be one update behind.

Overall it's a good system that's more than fair. It's just worded in a way that's hard to understand. I'm still not sure I got it right so don't quote me on this.