NEW RELEASE: 0.26.0 Part 3 (Subscribers)/0.26.0 Part 2 (Public)

Lessons in Love 0.26.0 Part 3 is now available to all $5 subscribers! 
 Lessons in Love 0.26.0 Part 2 is now available to everyone!

This update expands the main story and adds new events for Sana, Ayane, and Rin.

Changelog (0.26.0 Part 3):

- 35k+ Words
- 400+ New Images
- 13 New Events
- 2 Main Events
- 4 Sana Events
- 4 Ayane Events
- 3 Rin Events
- New Music
- New Main Menu
- Fixes/Changes for Older Content


Get Lessons in Love (18+)[NSFW]


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Hey. Attention. Have you played the old game " Devil May Cry 3" ?

 If I remember correct, there's a devil creature called "enigma".

And then, on dorm  boards, there is a similar name "enigami". We will kill him.


Just gonna leave a comment and remind everyone that this game is absolutely amazing.

been playing since pre 0.10 or around that time,just remember how lovely this is!

I have a question. I'm playing the game on an older version and i'm still in chapter 1. If i download the newest release with all the chap1 fixing does it conflict with my current saves or i culd just play normally with the game improved?


Both the most interesting and the most fucked game iv ever played. Main character makes you not want to play the game simply just to stop him from existing inside of my mind and hopefully the games universe, lures you in with the hentai, keeps you with the plot. Happy events are something else and plots like rins are so good. Only thing I dislike is religiously having to be on the wiki to trigger events like one which can only be triggered on Saturday in the dorms in a certain room, also there are too many words. 80 hours is to big of an ask even for an experience like this. In conclusion despite half of this comment being negative, play it, and read it. Getting to part 2 is like the exam quiz man

Do i need to download part one first or is part one included in this download?


update parts have something to do with the number of updates in a month latest release is all you need

I just started your game and just saw the first sex scene.  There was no moving animation at all.  Are all sex scenes this way?  Just still pictures?

Which one did you see?  As far as I know, most of them are animations. 

The very first one.   Still in the prologue.  The crazy dream with his niece, in the first 2 hours of the game.  That's the only scene I've seen so far.  

hmmm it's been too long since I've played that scene so I don't remember haha

But yeah like I mentioned, almost every scenes are animations so they aren't just pictures

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The majority of sex scenes are not animated. This is not that type of game.


They aren't....?  I guess I misinterpreted the term "animation"

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"only" the repeatable scenes w/o story content are animated, you'll see them when you follow the plot (imo the most important part of the game)